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Paediatric Dental Care in Etobicoke

Helping Kids Have Healthy Smiles at The Tooth Corner in Etobicoke

Child Brushing TeethCaring for your child’s smile starts before they ever have teeth. New parents can book a consultation with our Etobicoke family dentists to learn how to care for their baby’s smile, what to look for and problems to avoid.

Usually, the first appointment is just the beginning of a period of monitoring your child’s dental health. By being able to check their teeth regularly, we can intercept or address issues as they arise, such as

  • Thumb-sucking
  • Lip biting
  • Growth and development of the teeth and jaws
  • Risk of tooth decay
  • Dietary consideration

Benefits of Early Dental Care

These early visits help to introduce children to our dentist in a nonthreatening manner. That way they can grow up feeling comfortable and eager to visit our office. We also encourage parents to bring their children along to watch their checkups or siblings’ cleanings to get an idea of what goes on.

It’s beneficial to start seeing most children by 6 months of age or no later than 3 years old. The earlier, the better. Our goal is to catch tooth damage when it’s minor or even prevent it completely.

If Your Child Has a Cavity

Treating tooth decay at an early stage helps to prevent it from spreading to other teeth or causing more severe infections. To help your child feel more relaxed, we may recommend laughing gas during their filling or baby root canal.

In situations where a child is highly apprehensive, we can request a medical clearance from their physician and complete the dental treatment under sedation. Sedative appointments allow us to complete all of the necessary treatments in just one or two visits. When your little one wakes up, they likely will not remember even going to the dentist. The nurse or anaesthesiologist will go over all of the instructions with you, such as the need to fast for eight hours leading up to the visit.

Braces for Children

If we notice your child’s jaw bone is not growing properly (such as the top or bottom one lagging behind the other), we can take steps to motivate growth. This interceptive treatment can help children avoid the need for complex surgery after the bone stops growing.

During interceptive treatments, we correct problems earlier when they are easier to address. Although your child will still need braces later on, the second phase will be shorter and less complicated.

The earlier the trip to the dentist, the healthier your child’s smile is likely to be as an adult. Schedule your son or daughter’s first visit or orthodontic evaluation with us today.



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