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Invisalign® in Etobicoke

Straighten Your Smile at The Tooth Corner in Etobicoke

Invisalign clear alignerOur Etobicoke family dentists offer Invisalign braces to correct simple cases of crowded and crooked teeth. When your smile only needs a bit of fine-tuning to look straighter, these clear aligners are a fantastic solution. Because they are practically invisible, other people really won’t notice them.

Benefits of Choosing Invisalign Braces

The primary advantage is their aesthetics and easy home care. Invisalign’s sleek, clear aligners blend in with your teeth and can be removed during meals, brushing and flossing.

If you require more complex orthodontic treatment, conventional braces would be the most appropriate choice. However, clear aligners are ideal for individuals who are concerned about the way regular orthodontics would look on their teeth.

The Invisalign Treatment Experience

Your Invisalign treatment will take about just as long as regular braces do, if not slightly longer.

At your first appointment, we will complete a brief consultation to determine if Invisalign is best for your situation. If it is and you’re ready to get started with treatment, we’ll take an impression of your teeth and send it to the U.S. lab where all of the aligners are made.

Once your treatment plan is fabricated, and we’ve committed with Invisalign electronically to approve their recommendations, your trays are sent to our office. After they arrive, we’ll schedule you for an appointment to affix any attachments, try your trays and provide you with home care instructions.

Every two to four weeks we will see you for a follow-up visit, monitor your progress and send you home with a new set of trays. This process is repeated until the treatment is finished. Sometimes we will need to take a new set of impressions for touch-up trays to fine-tune the final results.

What to Expect

Invisalign uses mild pressure to move your teeth. Being that there are no wires or traditional braces, there is no tightening necessary. You just get to enjoy a nearly invisible experience that helps your smile look straighter.

Ready to learn more about clear braces for adults? Contact us today to schedule your Invisalign consultation!



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