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Dental Implants in Etobicoke

Smile With Confidence at The Tooth Corner in Etobicoke

Dental ImplantOur Etobicoke family dentists offer dental implant services to replace missing teeth. An implant is essentially a titanium screw that goes into the area where your original tooth once sat. They can be used to help reconstruct areas where only one or two teeth have been removed or an entire dentition.

Implants are not the tooth replacement itself, but rather the base or foundation that crowns, bridges or dentures are affixed to during your smile rehabilitation.

What Is the Success Rate for Dental Implants?

The success of your implant treatment depends on several factors. Individuals who are healthy, young and nonsmokers tend to be those with the best outcomes. If someone is unhealthy โ€” such as an individual who does not have control over their diabetes or is a heavy smoker โ€” those issues will need to be addressed prior to committing to an implant treatment.

The Implant Process

We will need to assess the area where the tooth is missing or needs to be removed. Removing a tooth that has large areas of decay, gum disease or has extensive restorative work may be the best option in some cases (instead of heroically trying to save it in a nonpredictable manner).

An initial consultation and X-ray are a must. We’ll assess the bone in the area to see how much is there, the quality and its density. In some cases, a ConeBeam scan is recommended. Depending on the bone structure we may recommend augmentation, grafting or a sinus lift. It’s vital that the bone is healthy and structurally sound enough to support your artificial tooth root.

Your commitment to good oral hygiene is vital. Even though implants are not real teeth, they should be cleaned and cared for as if they were. A full checkup will allow us to assess your overall dental health to see if anything else needs to be addressed or treated before starting implant surgery.

Dental Implant Treatment Timelines

Once your implants are placed, we will wait five to six months for the area to heal. During this time, the bone will fuse with the implant itself, becoming one solid structure. If a graft is necessary, it will be completed a few months prior to the placement surgery.

After everything has healed, we can place the tooth replacement on top of the implant, a process which generally takes about two to four appointments over the period of three to six weeks.

Types of Implant Restorations

With implants, we can replace one or a few teeth at a time with a single crown or bridge. For a full arch, we can affix a hybrid denture permanently in place, or you may opt for a removable overdenture that snaps onto your implants.

It’s Easier Than You Think

If you can have a tooth taken out, it’s just as easy to get an implant. The actual placement only takes about 10 minutes (the majority of the appointment time involves preparation and sterilisation). Mild discomfort or swelling is nothing that can’t be taken care of with appropriate medication.

Benefits of Choosing Implants to Rebuild Your Smile

Your teeth serve two main purposes: function (chewing, biting and grinding food) and aesthetics. To be able to smile again and enjoy your meals can be life changing. Experience the difference today by scheduling your consultation with us to learn more.



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